“Let your book start the Time Travel Game”

Season 2: “Let your book start the Time Travel Game”


“Imagine that you have been chosen for a fabulous travel in a space ship following the government’s decision to send a writer to a newly discovered planet. You are permitted to carry only one book of your choice along with your luggage. one important thing is YOU CANNOT RETURN TO EARTH FOR TEN YEARS. Because 1 year in earth is 1 day in the new planet.”


Alephi : Now say which book you may choose to carry with you?

Larissa Shmailo : I would take Ulysses by James Joyce since, as Joyce said, he put so much stuff in it to keep the professors busy for many lifetimes. The book is many genres and references so much literature – of course, I would take an annotated volume. I would be happy picking through the footnotes for ten years, and return to Earth an erudite and literate lady.

Larissa Shmailo, Author of  Patient Women, called a “a brutally honest wrestling match of truth-telling and sex” and “the best book . . . about this period of life in NYC since Patti Smith’s Just Kids” is Larissa’s new novel about a young woman’s search for love and Identity. Larissa’s poetry collections are  special characters In Paran , and the chapbooks A Cure for Suicide and Fib Sequence. Her poetry CDs are The No-Net World and Exorcism (Song Crew); tracks are available from Spotify, iTunes, Muze, Deezer, Rhapsody, Amazon, and CDBaby. Larissa translated Victory over the Sun for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s celebrated reconstruction of the first Futurist opera; the libretto is now available from Červená Barva Press. She has also been a translator on the Russian Bible for the American Bible Society and the editor of the acclaimed anthology, Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry


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