Which sci.fi. book do you like?

Alephi is going to celebrate the December month as the month of Sci.Fi. writers. We ask one small question to the Sci.Fi. writers worldwide…

Blaze Ward writes science fiction in the Alexandria Station universe as well as The Collective. He also write fantasy stories with several characters and series, from an alternate Rome to epic high fantasy in the desert. You can find out more at his website www.blazeward.com, as well as Facebook, here, and other places. Blaze’s works are available as ebooks, paper, and audio, and can be found at a variety of online vendors (Kobo, Amazon, and others). His newsletter comes out quarterly, and you can also follow his blog on his website. He really enjoys interacting with fans, and looks forward to any and all questions—even ones about his books!


Alephi : Which sci.fi. book do you like?

Blaze Ward : I grew up reading the Lensman books by EE “Doc” Smith. Grand, epic space opera filled with action, adventure, and eternal battles of good and evil. I still return to him from time to time, plus the rest of his catalog, which takes up an entire shelf in my bedroom.  The other would be David Drake, but I’m hard pressed to pick between the Hammer’s Slammers books and Leary/Mundy series. What draws me to Drake is the time he spends making real and flawed characters trying to make do, rather than larger-than-life heroes.




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