Which sci.fi. book do you like?

Alephi is going to celebrate the December month as the month of Sci.Fi. writers. We ask one small question to the Sci.Fi. writers worldwide…


Richard Chwedyk won the Nebula Award in 2003 for his novella, “Bronte’s Egg.” His work has also been nominated for the Hugo, the Theodore Sturgeon Award, the Rhysling and, most recently, the Pushcart Prize. Since 2009, he has been teaching science fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago. A story collection, ONE BIG PLACE: THE BOOK OF SAURS is forthcoming. He lives in Chicago with his wife, the poet Pamela Miller, and occasionally blogs at Critinomicon.


Alephi : Which sci.fi. book do you like?

Richard Chwedyk : One I’m quite fond of is “Who?” by Algis Budrys. Although it was written almost sixty years ago and is strongly centered in the Cold War era, it remains a compelling novel on the nature of identity — who we are and who we may become with the advent of new technologies. Budrys, to my mind, is one of the finest, most underrated of American sf authors. Many readers prefer his Rogue Moon and think it his best, but Who? is my favorite of his novels.




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