Prakash Bimil’s poem

Prakash Bimil 


The Boon

What is the noise?
Lo! This lad is snoring so early.

‘Third’ emerged demonic
Handsome and high minded
Scooped the gaze of the crowd
Figured free and heavy among five
Acharya unfair to the ignored
Favored strong to the white
Standing alone on a cliff
Iravat thinks –
‘It was a purple, a mixture
a dangling human; demonic divine’

The clever words hide a gurgling truth
Upon fighting a mountaineer on an exile
Those vivid memories of escape
What was the face, you see?
You hear?
You feel?
An encounter? A fake deed?
Got defeated panting away
Do you recall the face? Do you?
Do you hear the voice? Do you?
Do you ever feel? Do you?
Lo! The wind howling – he betrayed you
And thundering the sky – he forgot you
Your brain – a crashed chip, no history

Here I come to fight with you
Like you did, a long ago
I have no bow like yours
But I have a vow of the deserted one
made more often curdling my hair
My nerves are boiling, Mr. White
Can I sleep on the bed of Uttara? Can I?
Can I caress her hair – long and dirty?
O, unbitten worrier!
Is it fair for you?
Can you look as such at the eyes of your mom?

For a eunuch, there’s a whore every corner
To dance with, to chance with
How they dream of their next mating
How their sons are worth living.
Go get them at Manipura.

Jumped Shisir from his bed to the Ganges
‘Where’s my mom? Where’s my dad?’

My dream, my neurons, my fall, my dad
Desert, sweating, the boon, the bell, the lady
– a lunatic murmuring
One, two, three, four and five and on and on
The principle of use and throw, quite safer
But my mom, her lust, her dreams, her carcass
a nightmare, an infatuation, a disc, a horror
her enormous extancy–a hippopotamus–a feat
– an uncovered torso
O, Priest! Do favor me,
need your chant–while performing the ritual
“Buddham saranam gachchhami,
sangham saranam gachchami”


Third / the white = Arjuna, the greatest hero of Mahabharata battle
Acharya = Guru Dronacharya who ill-treated to Eklabya asking his thumb as tuition fee in order to make Arjuna the greatest archer
Iravat = the son of Arjuna from Ulupi, a naga prencess
Manipura = the place where Babhru-Vahana, son of Arjuna killed his father; later Arjuna was brought to life by his wife, Ulupi


Prakash Bimil is a Poet, Author  from Nepal. CENTRAL MEMBER at Nepalese Writers’ Association, Nepal.
Publisher at Symphony Publication Pvt. Ltd.


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