Which sci.fi. book do you like?

Alephi is going to celebrate the December month as the month of Sci.Fi. writers. We ask one small question to the Sci.Fi. writers worldwide…


Stephen Graham Jones is a Blackfeet Native American author of experimental fiction, horror fiction, crime fiction, and science fiction author of fifteen novels and six collections. He says that Seven Spanish Angels is one of his favourite novels. He has won the “Texas Institute of Letters Award and a National Endowment for the Arts fellow in fiction”. His Latest novel Mongrels. 


Alephi: Which sci.fi. book do you like?

Stephen Graham Jones : So hard to get this down to a single novel. But, if only one, then it’s Hyperion, by Dan Simmons. When science fiction’s working as it should, as it can, as it wants to, it kind of explodes in your mind, and then leaves glowing embers scattered everywhere. And they don’t turn to ash. At least they don’t for me. I read Hyperion so many years ago, but I can still turn the lights off in my head and see those embers in the darkness. They’re coals I can stand over, warm my hands, ignite my heart. It’s Hyperion. I’ll be getting heat from it for however long I keep writing.





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