Maharathi’s Poems


Sphinx of Bhuvana

Your head is human, body lion’s

Hands are wings of a bird

I write your name on the

Nightly sky shedding stars as tears

As Greek sphinx;

The riddle your eyes have asked me

To unravel will become my death

If left unanswered

For fear of a wrong answer

That will turn fatal for me

For want of right answer

That will lead me nowhere

I leave the riddle as it is in your eyes

Standing  frozen as snow-studded sky

As la belle dame sans merci

You take me by hand into a cave,

Into death I am bound to fill with my breath

As the moon sheds its limbs as a leper

As you lead me all the way

My body drops its parts one by one

On the dark road illuminated by your eyes

As you end the journey

You end me and you say you are Bhuvana

Forgetting your name Sphinx

That feeds me milk from death

Etiam in morte superset amor


Maharathi is a poet writing in Tamil and English; he has a collection of Tamil poems titled, “Mazhai Iravukal,’ (Rainy nights) published in 2013. His writings in Tamil and English have been published in various Tamil and English magazines and websites.


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