Stefan Goncharov’s Poems

Stefan Goncharov


tame me

I won’t run away

I’ll feast on the flowers of your womb

for a lifetime




the guilt grows inside of me

like a child in the arms of a pedophile

like a tree on the bottom of the sky

like a cloud unable to pour out

its blood




the moon is sweating

under the body of the night

everyone is looking up

and slowly undressing

because this is the world –

the shadow of a naked body

thrown where

nobody will find it




there is nothing more beautiful

than the last words of a person

who can’t read



carve a heart

into your chest

and pass on

the knife 


this home isn’t mine

it’s as though made

for the ice

which covers its walls

every winter


the warmth is outside

somewhere far

where clouds

crush into



Stefan Goncharov is from Sofia, Bulgaria. He has one published book with poetry and multiple publications in all of Bulgaria’s major literature-oriented magazines, newspapers, and internet platforms. He has also been translated and published in the notorious Turkish magazine for contemporary literature: “Edebiyatta Üç Nokta” and received first prize at the national student’s competition for poetry in Bulgaria: “Боян Пенев”. Furthermore, he works as a film critic and in 2015 was a part of the extended jury at the “Sofia International Film Fest”.


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