Marius Surleac’s Poems

Marius Surleac

butterflies whisper in an elephant’s belly

             Friday is no more the awesome day we used

to know for few endless weeks

more than sixty souls said goodbye to gravity

& became angels with fire wings attached

to bodies with no skin no hair

while tears & anger shadow in the back

roadkills that face our eyesight bent

on the ground

                                        that hit

our backs of brick

& flames become one with the blood


             Friday is the day we draw infinite lines

& so many get stuck amongst them

when the eagles of death

feel metal melting flesh the crowd

& so many others embrace the blast

running the stairs screaming deafly

laying down with mug stuck on the floor

cover themselves with bodies

of brothers & sisters tasting

the same blood in dark


next day is the one we feel the nightmares

we wear hundreds of strange cold cloths

with memories attached

& love left hanging

on few more



next day is the one we mix the gods

that play charades

some on the left

some on the right

with us

stuck in-between


now is the time

the butterflies


in an elephant’s belly

with knees to chin

we hang up

& find ourselves


waiting their sparks

to come in

when we groan


double-faced enthusiast

kip now child &

write down your ears with the fork

hanged at the top of a silenced minster

scream the pain & lust

till no one hears your voice anymore

blue as it is in a feeble light

naked as you were once

& circles were unborn on

the water


bite the bones that gated you


underdog with rust on the


milking in the mass



china packed

what lies ahead trapped in the bathtub enamel

             if not a measure of my ignorance

             left naked right before dipping

this heavy water sticks

              to my heels

so I can’t run

              to my knees

so I can’t pray


            lotuses launch floating booby traps

            balloons crack


            my eyes

                        jump back & forth on a scale


            play dolly



I sip coffee from a cup

embossed with my

tracks on the water


smile fills the st(r)eam


Marius Surleac is a Romanian physicist and poet. Marius Surleac has poetry published in Pif Magazine, MadHat Lit, Literary Orphans, Prick of the Spindle, Futures Trading, Bare Fiction and other journals.His translations from English into the Romanian, include the poetry of Marc Vincenz, Valzhyna Mort, Peycho Kanev, and in collaboration with Chris Tanasescu, the poetry of G. C. Waldrep, Fady Joudah, Cornelius Eady and several others. He has published an original collection of poetry in Romanian: Zeppelin Jack (Herg Benet, 2011) and a bi-lingual collection of translations, The Propaganda Factory, or Speaking of Trees / Fabrica de Propaganda, sau Apropo de Copaci by Marc Vincenz, (Tracus Arte, 2015). Recent and forthcoming publications include Solstice and The Ilanot Review.


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